Tony Smith is a lying, abusive, alcoholic asshole.
(He also never brushes his teeth, so he probably has some sort of oral yeast infection.)
Anthony Edward Smith has been abusive to every woman he has ever been with. He hit the first girlfriend he ever had and it didn't get much better from then on in.
Ask him about the time he had his friend pose as a woman who was a victim of domestic abuse in order to get at me.

So I was rooting around on an old laptop for some files and I saw that Tony had a profile on it, so I decided to root around in his profile too. And. Well...

Oof. He had bookmarks for things like #smalltits, #innocent and #DaddysGirl on websites called things like It certainly seems as though Tony has certain proclivities. Finding this made me feel sick.

Some of his internet history was saved too and I'm not really sure what to do with it...

He also likes upskirts of celebs, apparently.

And, in other news, here's what Tony had in his News bookmarks:

UFO Sightings, Coast to Coast AM and are news to him, apparently.

It was actually his daily morning routine to make some coffee, look at gore photos and videos, and then spend way too much time in the bathroom. I guess gore made him really have to poop? ...or... it made him have to do other things that he needed privacy for.

In retrospect, a man being obsessed with looking at gore photos every day was probably a huge red flag, but I was already deep in the relationship at that point... and an idiot, I guess.

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